Short Christmas poems

Heaven tonight is singing with us
And candles burn all the night,
Through the darkness all you can see is the light,
We don’t sleep, we wish Happy Christmas.

And snow is falling on Christmas trees,
Beautified with colorful sweets,
Do you feel the smell of tasty treats,
People crowded the Christmas streets.

Merry Christmas, lovely friends,
Darling mom and dad.
Granny, grandpa, all the rest,
Never live in bad.

Merry Christmas wish for you,
Human must be kind.
Let all world believe in pure,
God will be your guide.

Merry Christmas, merry life,
Be yourself through all.
Have your own simple style,
And you won’t fall.

Gingle bells in Christmas streets,
People feel excited,
Snow crunches under feet
And magic tonight is waited.

Happy Christmas, I wish you, dear
And warm atmosphere in your heart,
You will be happy you need to swear,
Let the sadness stay apart.

Weeks to count, days to wait —
Christmas, Christmas, on its way.
Bring a tree, repeat the words:
“Santa, we’re expecting your return!”
Look at all this red and green,
Sparkling our winter scene.
Jolly up like you’re again thirteen,
Have yourself a merry feast of glee!

My wish for you on Christmas is
To believe in yourself, your power,
And have a lot of victories
In this life, not in another.

Don’t delay any of your your plans,
Because the life is given you once,
May this amazing Christmas
Give you a new chance.

Christmas is a wonderful holiday.
I wish for you it will be merry,
Be happy and blessed every day,
Have a true friends — it is rarely.

May the year be cheerful,
May Christmas be peaceful
Without any disaster, my dear,
Be healthy, and have the prosperous year.

Oh, dear, Christmas comes and shows,
What people want to have.
At least some wealth or happy box
With health and friends and safe.

But I would like you to be kind,
And let your life be cool.
To have your freedom, own right,
Cause feast’s of magic full.

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas,
Hurry up or you will miss this!
Brilliant snowflakes fall from the sky,
Let’s tell the leaving year “Cheers!” and “Goodbye!”
May your home be bright and warm,
And defended from any storm.
On this wonderful day I would like to say,
Have an excellent and happy, very gleeful holiday!

We decorate with gifts and lights
All houses, streets and flats.
Cause Christmas comes with happy dreams,
Which nobody forgets.

Let be with warm your fire-place,
Let friends be open, true.
I wish you only happiness,
Let sky be always blue.

Snowflakes are flying merrily,
Children are joying blissfully.
Trees and carols, gifts and ribbons —
Christmas’s coming gleefully.

It’s time to laugh and smile,
Forgive, hug everyone, desire.
Like reindeers flit up in the sky
May your hopes fly just as high.